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Betta Fish Red

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von Patrick Bezalel

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I often think about how the era we live in today demands "instant gratification."  From Instagram to instant noodles... It once took multiple processes to develop a photo and strenuous hours to knead the flour, roll it, make them into noodles. Today we can enjoy noodles in a cup in 3 minutes and the exhilaration of someone liking our photo the very second after we shoot and share it online.  This has caused us to lose the art of patience and the ability to wait in a posture of expectation and peace. 

When I first read Psalm 37:7, which says, "Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him," I discovered that the word "wait patiently" in the original Hebrew language is "Hul". "Hul" in its root meaning is "to dance, to twist, to whirl in a spiral manner, to travail and wait longingly." What an intriguing connection! In this word hides the idea of that we can dance in the waiting. Indeed, we can choose joy and peace while twirling and waiting on our LORD Yeshua to bring to pass the promises He has given.
I decided to use the Betta Fish as the subject of this series to always remind us of this truth as I have always been fascinated by its beauty and elegance when they twirl graciously in the waters. Betta fishes often have to be on their own too, symbolising the journey of waiting for our breakthroughs and miracles with the LORD that no one can help us with.  
In the waiting is a victory dance that we can dance out in faith, together with Yeshua alone.  

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